Not Confucius, nor Kung Fu: Economy and Business as Chinese Soft Power in Africa

  • Jaroslaw Jura Assistant professor at Lazarski University
  • Kaja Kaluzynska PhD Student at Chengchi University


The Chinese presence in Africa is a fact that cannot be ignored by anybody interestedin China, Africa or in international affairs in general. Various explanationsare given for the source of China’s success on the continent. Pang (2009)emphasises Chinese foreign policy: its engagement in the Non-Aligned Movementand the Chinese doctrine of international relations – the so-called Beijingconsensus as the main reason why many African governments have decided totighten their relations with China.Some others, like Bräutigam (2010), Rotberg (2008), and so on, emphasize economicfactors: Chinese economic aid, engagement in infrastructure developmentand its ability to start and conduct business in a difficult African business environment.