An analysis of China’s consular protection practice in Africa

  • Liping Xia China Foreign Affairs University


Security issues involving overseas Chinese in Africa have been increasing recently, attracting extensive attention. Based on statistics gathered from the official website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, and a questionnaire survey put to Chinese enterprises operating in Africa, the author summarizes various security risks which Chinese confront in Africa. The nature of the risks vary, including political risk, social security risk, risks caused by unlawful acts of Chinese citizens themselves, pandemic diseases, terrorist attacks, piracy, traffic accidents, financial fraud and natural disasters. The work explores how Chinese embassies and consulates in Africa, with the cooperation of Chinese companies, have established a diversified prevention mechanism and an efficient crisis response system in order to provide better protection to Chinese enterprises and citizens in Africa. The paper also addresses some of the pressing issues which still need to be addressed with regards to China’s consular protection practice in Africa.