From non-interference to preponderance: China’s future grand strategy in Africa

  • Okolo Lawrence


The emergence of China in Africa is fast transforming the geo-political and economic landscape of the region. The policy of non-interference embedded in the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence largely prevents Beijing from interfering in the domestic affairs of other nations; and there has been no marked change in her interests, plans and relations. China strategically toes the same line she has pursued from 1954: that of non-interference. The paper argues that the strategy of non-interference is not in sync with present realities.  Beijing needs to revisit this strategy in order to protect its economic investments and political interests, which have come under threat in recent years. The paper concludes that a choice mechanism would be more suited within China’s approach. It proposes the strategy of “preponderance”, which is an alternative to Beijing’s current grand strategy.