Engaging academically with China in Africa – the institutional approach of the University of Botswana

  • Frank Youngman Frank Youngman is Professor of Adult Education at the University of Botswana and was Deputy Vice Chancellor –Academic Affairs from 2005-2011.


In 2006 the University of Botswana adopted the Policy on Internationalization which had three objectives: 1) to expand international student and staff exchanges; 2) to expand international research co-operation; and 3) to enhance the internationalisation of all curricula. As a result of the policy, the University has developed a number of academic partnerships in East Asia since 2006. The policy made a commitment to increase the number of university partnerships, not only in the traditional areas of Europe and North America, but particularly within Africa and with key economic powers in Asia, which were identified as China, India, Japan and South Korea. The most intensive academic engagement within East Asia has taken place with China and a strategic institutional approach has been adopted to develop this engagement.