The Media Framing of China’s Image in East Africa: An Exploratory Study

  • Bob Wekesa Communication University of China, Beijing, China


Sino-East African relations are very significant for the continent. These tighten-ing, multilevel and overarching relations are to a certain extent dependent on the accumulation of perceptions among East Africans about China. China-Africa social science literature has pointed out that China has both a favourable and unfavourable image in East Africa. These studies however exhibit a certain level of vagueness from a communication perspective in so far as they lack empiri-cism. This exploratory paper investigates the media image of China in East Afri-ca with a view to determining positive, negative and weak perceptions by apply-ing a content analysis approach. I use a media framing model to investigate Chi-na’s image as represented by four Nation Media Group English-language news-papers during 2011. As an exploratory study, the paper discusses some of the issues raised by the analysis, presents tentative findings and proposes further research directionsii.

Author Biography

Bob Wekesa, Communication University of China, Beijing, China
PhD Candidate