Lonely Nights Online: How does Social Networking Channel Chinese Migration and Business to Africa?

  • Jinghao Lu China-Africa Desk of the consultancy Frontier Advisory
  • Cobus Van Staden SARChI Chair for ADFP


It is not news that the last fifteen years’ expansion of economic ties between China and Africa has also led to a marked increase in Chinese migration to the continent. The growing body of scholarship dedicated to China-Africa migration (particularly as it relates to traders) has focused a lot on the role of social net-works between Chinese citizens in finding suitable new migrants, managing their immigration experience and setting them up in new businesses. Scholars have pointed to the importance of Chinese kinship and regional networks as a factor undergirding the migration of Chinese people to an environment very foreign to them (see for example Pieke, 2004; Pieke et al, 2007; Park, 2009; Park, 2010; Turner, 2011; McNamee et al, 2012).

Author Biographies

Jinghao Lu, China-Africa Desk of the consultancy Frontier Advisory
Cobus Van Staden, SARChI Chair for ADFP
Postdoctoral research fellow