Grassroots Perceptions of China in Namibia: Effects on Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy

  • Nelago Amadhila


The dramatic expansion of Sino-Namibian relations in the last decade has led to the formation of varying perceptions of China in Namibia. Perceptions are being formed at different levels of society. Grassroots perceptions differ greatly from perceptions being formed at the top and this increasingly has an effect on domestic Namibian politics and, as such, Sino-Namibian relations. It is therefore essential to determine the importance of grassroots perceptions on China in Namibian politics and the effects of these grassroots views on Foreign Policy towards China. This paper looks at the non-official relations between Namibia and China. Non-official views are based on interviews conducted between March and April 2011. The basis for this article was a survey with 1001 respondents various social and economic backgrounds.