• Ross Anthony


Dear Reader, Few organisations or institutions with an interest in the ever-evolving China-Africa interaction can afford to ignore the FOCAC, a now 12-years old institution begun in Beijing, whose principal event, a triennial ministerial meeting of heads of state and government officials from over forty African states and China, takes place in Beijing around the time of publication of this special edition of the African East-Asian Affairs | The China Monitor. The CCS, as the leading African research institution for innovative & policy relevant analysis of Sino-African relations, has gone to lengths to prepare several publications for this year’s fifth ministerial meeting of the FOCAC, including three policy briefings, and several commentaries. This special edition of the AEAA | The China Monitor brings together some analysis of the dynamics around the FOCAC V in Beijing and complements our own work on this important date on the China-Africa calendar. Matthew McDonald appraises the proceedings of the FOCAC V meeting based on the Declaration and Action Plan published shortly after.