The Environmental Cost of Antigua and Barbuda's Diplomatic Relationship with China

  • Frances Fuller


This is an edited version of a longer paper. The full version can be obtained by contacting the author. Much of China‟s interaction with large developing countries, such as within Africa and South America, has been well documented due to China‟s huge appetite for natural resources to support their economic growth (Saich, 2011). With the exception of the issue of the „One China‟ policy and Taiwan, a neglected theme throughout literature has been China‟s policy and influence towards small developing nations especially towards small island developing states (SIDS) like Antigua and Barbuda (AG). The recent increase in the level of Chinese attention in the small island nation of AG has piqued the interest of many. From the perspective of SIDS the implications of this developing diplomatic relationship could not only be extensive but could also be very important for the future of both national and international environmental standing as China appears to not have received much in return so far (Fieser, 2011). This has become a concern because AG lacks any natural resources of significance and no country gives financial aid without it being ultimately beneficial to them and the result could be very detrimental to AG.